How to ensure that you get the maximum of your Bond money back when you depart Varsity Towers

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1)     Report any damage, repairs or maintenance to reception to arrange their repair well before check out.  If you have caused the damage (for example broken a blind cord, put a hole in a wall, or broken your freezer door) you will be liable for the cost of the repair.  By pre-paying for a maintenance item prior to check out you will minimize any unforeseen charges.

2)     Replace any items that you’ve lost or broken (including light bulbs and batteries) from reception at least 3 days prior to your check-out. Items must be replaced with the exact same make and model as the original otherwise you will be charged a replacement and restocking fee of $25 on top of the cost of the item.  Reception will not be open for replacements on the last day of the semester as it is a Saturday so make sure you have organized your replacements during the week.

3)     Remove all rubbish from the room!  If we have to remove your rubbish for you, you will be charge a minimum of $30.  This is such an easy charge to avoid and yet many people leave rubbish behind every semester!

4)     If any area of your room is particularly dirty – especially the shower, cook top or fridge give them a quick clean.  Mold, soap scum, baked on food and spilt items in the fridge require extra time for cleaning and you will be charged as per your lease if our cleaners have to spend more than the allocated time of 2hrs cleaning your room.

5)     Empty and defrost the fridge.  If our cleaners have to come back to finish cleaning your room because the fridge was not defrosted when they entered they will charge you extra for their time.

6)     Wash all dishes and put them away, the cleaners will charge you and additional $30 if dirty dishes are left in the sink – again this is another cost that is easy to avoid.

7)     Make sure all lights and batteries are working. Replace any light bulbs that have burnt out before you check-out in order to avoid additional labour costs. Turn off your air-conditioner before leaving.

8)     Rearrange all furniture to the original setup (if you are unsure about the original set up, please ask at reception or see the website for room floor plans).

As per your lease, the professional cleaning of your room will be organized by VT Management upon your departure. Exit cleaning costs will be deducted from your Bond.

You will see many posters up around the building in the lead up to check out reminding you of all these ways to minimize the deductions from your bond. 

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