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During the first semester of living at Varsity Towers residents learn how close certain stores and places are. One place really worthy of mention is Market Square, Varsity Lakes. Around a 10 minute walk from Varsity Towers, going through the beautiful Bond campus, Market Square provides several different choices of restaurants. There are a number of sushi places, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican and Subway amongst others. However, if you want to save money and cook at home there is a small IGA supermarket also located at Market Square carpark. The IGA is great when you need a few things but becomes limited to buy for the week. When IGA stops suiting your market needs, 4km from VT there is a Woolworths, an Aldi and a Coles supermarket located at Q Super Centre, Mermaid Waters. If you have a car it becomes very easy to do your grocery run but the majority of students at Varsity Towers are semester abroad students without a car. Uber is a great alternative for getting to where you need to go. One important thing to know when living motor less in Australia is that both these supermarket chains have a home delivery service. Woolworths has a delivery fee that depends on the amount spent while Coles charges depending on availability for delivery. It can cost anywhere from $7 and $20 for a Coles  supermarket delivery.

Links to the major supermarkets in our area:-



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