Whats in the local area to eat

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During the first semester of living at Varsity Towers residents learn how close certain stores and places are.One place really worthy of mention is Market Square. Around a 10 minute walk from Varsity Towers, going through the beautiful Bond campus, Market Square provides several different choices of restaurants.There are at least 3 sushi places, 2 Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican and a Subway amongst others. However, if you want to save money and cook at home there is a small IGA market. The IGA is great when you need a few things but becomes an inconvenience to buy for the week. When IGA stops suiting your market needs, 4km from VT there is a Woolworths, an Aldi and a Coles at Q Super Centre.If you have a car it becomes very easy to do your grocery run but the majority of students at Varsity Towers are semester abroad students without a car. Some students end up taking cabs back with their groceries, which ends up increasing the cost.One important thing to know when living motorless in Australia is that both these supermarket chains have home delivery service. Woolworths has a delivery fee that depends on the amount spent while Coles charges depending on availability for delivery. It costs between $7 and $9 for coles delivery.

 Woolworths                   Delivery fees

Up to $99.99                       $13.00

$100.00 to $149.99           $11.00

$150.00 to $199.99           $9.00

$200.00 to $249.99           $5.00

$250.00 to $299.99           $3.00

$300.00 and over              $0.00

The delivery fee ends up being much cheaper, in many cases, than taking a cab back from the store. For instance, a cab back from Robina Town Centre (2 Woolworths stores and 1 Coles) costs between $20 and $25 while to Q Super Centre is around $10 and $15. On the other hand, some people appreciate handpicking their fruits and vegies. It will depend on how you like it.

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