How to fill in the Entry Condition Report

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The Inclusion List and Entry Condition Report are arguably the two most important documents included in your check in pack which you will receive upon your arrival at Varsity Towers. These documents are your opportunity to protect yourself from being charged for any items that are missing or damaged upon your arrival. You are given 72hrs to complete and return these two forms to reception. Any forms handed in late will not be accepted. You are not permitted to add extra information to forms you have submitted once the 72hr period is up so you must be thorough when completing these forms. We cannot stress the importance of this enough! The Inclusion List is a list of all items that come with your room. Once you have checked in you must go through this list of items and check each item is present in your room, is working, and is undamaged. Some things you should pay special attention to during your check of inclusions include:

  • chipping or cracks in your glasses or crockery
  • melted areas on your chopping board or spatula
  • damaged frypan or saucepan base
  • iron base is free from burns or stains
  • vacuum has all parts and is working
  • all furniture items are stable and in good repair

If an item is missing you should note how many of that item is missing in the ‘missing or damaged on arrival’ column of the form. If and item is damaged you should mark a ‘D’ in the ‘missing or damaged on arrival’ column of the form and write and explanation of the damage over the page. We will arrange a replacement or repair for any items noted. For your Condition Report you will need to thoroughly check every area of your room listed on the left hand side of the condition report. This is your chance to note down any existing marks, damage, discolouration, rips, tears, chips, dents, etc so that you are not charged for any existing damage when you vacate. Areas you should pay special attention to during your check of the room include:

  • Walls – check every single wall for any damage. You should include any scuff marks, chips, dents, pin holes, paint peels, discolouration, unfinished repair work etc on the condition report in the relevant area. Be sure to be specific – detail the number of pin holes, the size of any paint peels or dents, the location of the damage etc.
  • Blinds – note down the colour, size and location of any stains even if you think they are only minor damage.
  • Carpets – move your furniture around and check the carpet for stains or burns. Note down the number of stains/burns, their size and location. Furniture – check your bedside tables for scratches or burns, your melamine (white) furniture for marks or damage and note it down.
  • Fridge shelves – check all shelves inside your fridge are present and are undamaged.
  • Mattress – check thoroughly for any discolouration or stains.
  • Is your toilet seat, soap dish, towel rail, or toilet roll holder loose? If so, note it down.
  • Check all your lights are working.

We also highly recommend photographing any damage you find and emailing the pictures to so that they can be kept on file, this just protects your that one step further.

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