Prior to Arrival

How early shall I book?

Obviously the earlier you book the more options you have to choose from. Most people book between 6 to 8 weeks prior to their arrival. Please visit our website for an overview of the current and upcoming trimester vacancies at Varsity Towers.

Can you hold a room for me?

Unfortunately this would not be fair to our other residents. We do not hold rooms for anyone unless you have paid a deposit equivalent to six weeks’ rent.

Can I have a bigger bed?

Only a very limited number of rooms on the 7th level come with double beds.

I have my own bed. Can you move out the bed that is currently in my room?

We cannot move out the beds that come with the room. However if your bed has a slat base you may be able to slide it over the existing bedding which is fairly low to the ground.

Do I have to provide my own sheets? What size sheets do I need to bring?

You will need to provide your own bed linen, towels etc. The majority of the beds are king single size. There are a very limited amount of double beds available in 1 bedroom apartments and selected studio apartments on the 7th level. Please note, normal single sheets will not fit the bed. Linen packs containing a fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase and towel can be purchased from reception.

Can you match me up with flatmates for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment?

No, unfortunately this is not something we can do. You will need to find your own friends or roommates to live with. There are many roommate finder websites so if you don’t know anyone this might be a good place to start if you want to share.

Is there parking?

We have limited secure undercover car parking which is allocated (through a “lotto” system) at the beginning of each semester. Undercover car parking costs $10/semeseter. We also have off street parking available for residents and their guests.

My flight arrives outside your office hours. What can I do?

You will need to arrange a hotel or hostel accommodation for the night as we will not be able to check you in outside office hours. You will need to attend a check-in session the following day.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept EFTPOS, cash, credit card and bank transfer. I’m going to study for more than 2 years.

Can you offer me a discount if I sign a lease with duration of more than one semester?

There is no difference in price regardless whether you stay the minimum of 15 weeks or 2 years. Please note that you have legal obligations when you sign a lease. It is not that simple to break a lease and there are always costs involved with that. We therefore encourage everyone to initially sign a lease for one semester only to see if the environment, your accommodation and the premises fit your preferences.

My lease is for one semester only. Is it possible to extend my lease if I decide to stay longer?

Yes. A letter will be sent out around week 8 of the semester with options for renewing your lease for the following semester. As long as this letter is filled out and returned to reception by the due date, you will have no problem extending you lease for another semester.

My flight back home leaves a couple of days later than I originally planned. Can I stay a little longer in my room?

The latest date for check out is one day after the last day of the Bond University semester. If you need to stay longer than that we may be able to arrange for you to stay in one of our hotel rooms, (subject to availability).

Can I have a pet in the room?

The Varsity Towers Body Corporate By-Laws prohibit pets being kept at Varsity Towers. However, if you would like to have a gold fish, go ahead.

I have a child. Do you have any restrictions?

We do not have a restriction regarding living at Varsity Towers with a child. Nonetheless, you should consider before you apply that Varsity Towers is student accommodation. Sometimes noise can be a problem during the busy semesters and the environment may not be ideal for children.

I’m not a student. Can I still stay at Varsity Towers?

Unfortunately, the city council’s zoning restrictions do not allow us to accept any non-student applications. Applicants are required to be enrolled as a part- or full-time student with a recognized education provider.

I have some friends at Varsity Towers. Is it possible to organize a room that is close to them?

If you book well enough in advance it is usually possible to arrange a room close by someone else you know.


On Arrival

Can I change rooms once I arrive?

No, it is imperative that you book a room that you want to live in. We are usually booked out at the beginning of the semesters which makes it virtually impossible to move you to a different room when you arrive.

I’d like to cancel my lease. Will I lose my entire Bond?

You may. If you choose to break your lease we will endeavour to find a replacement tenant to take over your lease. If we are successful you will need to pay rent until the date that the new tenant moves in, plus a re-letting fee of one week’s rent, plus exit cleaning charges. If we are unsuccessful in finding a replacement tenant it is likely you will lose your entire bond.

Is there a dedicated Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Varsity Towers?

Yes, BigAir Community Broadband offers Internet plans that are tailored to the special needs of Varsity Towers residents.

Can I use an ISP other than BigAir for the Internet service?

Yes, but please keep in mind that you can only use ISPs that offer wireless Internet because you are not able to use the existing phone line to set up an Internet connection. Also, please be advised that most ISPs in Australia have monthly download/upload limits. Ensure that you get enough download bandwidth per month.

How long does it take to set up Internet?

It usually takes less than 3 minutes to set up Internet with Allegro. All you need is a computer (of course), a standard LAN cable (RJ45 connector) and a valid credit card to sign up to the Internet from your room. You will receive a signup sheet upon your arrival that outlines the signup process step-by-step.

How quick is the Internet? What is the download limit?

All standard BigAir Community Broadband internet plans come with speeds above 1Mbit/sec and minimum 60GB download allowance per month. BigAir also offers special packages for serious Internet users with speeds above 10Mbit/sec and monthly download allowances above 100GB.

Do you offer wireless Internet?

The Internet in the rooms is hardwired. Usually, people use a LAN cable that connects the wall socket to the computer. However, you can use a wireless switch to setup a wireless connection in your room. The building also has two wireless hotspots (one in the 360 bar/reception area and the other one in the laundry area) that allow you to access the Internet with your BigAir username and password.

Do I need a router to access the Internet?

No. All you need is a computer with a network card. BigAirs building network allows you to simply plug in the LAN cable to your computer, access the setup page and surf the web as soon as you have paid for the Internet.

Why is my Internet suddenly so slow?

If you exceed the traffic allowance, your Internet connection will be capped (shaped) to dialup (256kbps) speed. If you are unsure whether or not you have been shaped, please contact BigAir Support on 1300 739 822.

Do I need a phone connection to have Internet?

No. Unlike in other residential settings, the phone line is separate from the Internet line. This allows you to save costs if you only need Internet.

Can I have PayTV in the room?

Unfortunately, the building is not set up for PayTV. But let’s be serious – you don’t come to Australia/Bond University to sit in your room all alone and watch television. We encourage you to take advantage of this great environment to socialize, meet people and make new friends.

Can I hang pictures on my walls?

It is not advisable to hang pictures on the walls as you will be liable for any damage to the wall or paint that removing the pictures/picture hooks caused.

Do you accept travellers cheque’s or American dollars?

Varsity Towers only accepts Australia dollars. Travellers cheque’s, bank cheque’s or personal cheque’s will not be accepted.

Where is the...?

Bus stop

The closest bus stop is located approximately 500m from Varsity Towers at Bond University. The bus line leads to either Robina Town Centre or Pacific Fair.

Grocery store & mall

There is an IGA convenience store at market square which is about 500m from Varsity Towers (approximately 500 metres – 8 mins walk). QCentre is about 4 minutes by car and the two malls, Robina Town Centre and Pacific Fair, are located approximately 10 minutes by bus/car.

Closest beach

Miami Beach is approximately 2km (1.24 miles) from Varsity Towers. Burleigh Heads is approximately 2.5km (1.55 miles).


The closest pharmacy is located at market square (approximately 500 metres – 8 minutes walk).


Bond University Medical facility is located on campus and available to all Bond students (ph: 5595 4043). The closest doctor for non-students is located at market square or alternatively there is a medical centre at Christine Avenue (ph: 5576 0700).

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is approximately 9km (5.6 miles) from Varsity Towers. A taxi/car ride takes approximately 15 minutes and there is a direct bus from Bond University.


There are several restaurants that offer different foods at market square and on campus (Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Sushi, Fish and Chips, burgers, pizza, etc). There is also a tavern and a Pizza Hut across the road.

During Tenancy

Can I use my parents’ credit card to pay for rent and outstanding incidental charges (bar, store, phone calls, etc)?

Yes, as long as they give us permission and you will have to sign in your name.

My bedroom/kitchen light is out. Who changes the light bulb and pays for it?

Once you have moved into your room you are responsible for any lights, batteries etc that may burn out. It is your responsibility to replace and install a new light bulb.

My balcony light is out. Who changes the light bulb and pays for it?

We will arrange our maintenance contractor to replace the balcony bulb for you as it is too dangerous for you to change. The cost of the bulb will be covered by the Body Corporate.

I have maintenance for my room. What shall I do?

You need to come down to reception and fill in a maintenance request form to report the maintenance. If the maintenance issue has been caused by you (or one of your guests), for example a hole in the wall, you will be liable for the cost.

Can I organize my own cleaning service when I leave?

Yes you can, however you will need to provide a receipt for each of the items mentioned in your lease which require professional cleaning. This includes a receipt for the professional cleaning of the unit, professional dry-cleaning of the carpets, professional dry-cleaning of the linen, sanitization of the mattress, a new mop head and vacuum cleaner bag.

Can I smoke in my room?

Smoking is prohibited throughout Varsity Towers. However, you can smoke on your balcony with the glass door closed.

My neighbours are too loud at night. What can I do?

We suggest asking them personally to keep it down as we find this is more often than not the most effective approach. If you have tried asking them to keep it down and they haven’t, you should contact security by dialling ‘7’ from your room (if your room phone has been enabled) or from the in house phone at reception. Alternatively you can contact security on 1300 554 801. You should also report any ongoing noise issues to reception.

Upon Departure

Can I organize a replacement for the room items that I lost / broke?

Yes, just see reception to order and pay for your replacement(s).

What options do I have for getting my bond back?

If you have an Australian bank account your best and fastest option would be to have the money deposited into your bank account. International residents have the option to have a cheque sent home in either Australian dollars or any other major currency. Or alternatively you can have the money deposited into your bank account at home – fees do apply for refunds by cheque and international wire transfers.

How long does it take to get the Bond back?

Approximately 14 days if going back into an Australian bank account or having a cheque sent within Australia. 30 -60 days if going back into an international bank account or having a cheque sent overseas.

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