Do you still get “Free Electricity” at Varsity Towers? “YES but not enough to leave your AC and lights on 24/7

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Varsity Towers has introduced pre-paid electricity meters into all rooms to ensure we maintain an energy efficient and environmentally friendly building.

All residents renting through VT Management Pty Ltd will be given a ‘fair allocation’ of electricity on their arrival. The fair allocation supplied will be 4.5kWh* of electricity, per day, for the booked duration of their stay (2013).

When tenants arrive they will be given a 20 digit token (code #) to activate the power supply meter located in your room. This will credit the meter with 6Kwh* of electricity for each day that the tenant is due to stay (e.g. 15 week lease = 7 days X 4.5kWh* = 472.5kWh* that is credited to the meter).

The meter located in the room has an LCD screen that will count backwards from the credited amount. It will clearly show the current electrical usage and the balance remaining.

The meter will also warn you with a red LED flashing light, when you are consuming electricity, The LCD display clearly states your electricity credit remaining giving you ample time to purchase more electricity should you use all of the fair allocation.

You are able to purchase more electricity 24/7, either by phone, internet portal, or a payment kiosk (soon to be located at Level 1 Reception, Varsity Towers).

*See for further information

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