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What does your rent include?

Your rent includes gas (hot water), water and a supplied allocation of electricity for all metered rooms.

What is the supplied allocation of electricity? please read below...

Varsity Towers has introduced pre-paid electricity meters into all rooms to ensure we maintain an energy efficient and environmentally friendly building.


All residents renting through VT Management Pty Ltd will be given a supplied  allocation of electricity on their arrival. The supplied allocation will be 2Kwh* of electricity, per day, for the booked duration of their stay per room (2016 Only).


When tenants arrive they will be given a 20 digit token (code #) to activate the power supply meter located in your room. This will credit the meter with 2kWh* of electricity for each day that the tenant is due to stay (eg. 15 week lease is 105 days x 2kWh*/day = 210kWh* that is credited to the meter).


The meter located in the room has an LCD screen that will count backwards from the credited amount. It will clearly show the current electrical usage and the balance remaining. The meter will also warn you by displaying an exclamation mark (!) and a red LED light that flashes in accordance with your consumption (the more electricity you use the more it will flash).When your credit is running low, the exclamation mark comes on,  giving you ample time to purchase more electricity should you use all of your fair allocation.

You are able to purchase more electricity 24/7, either by phone, internet portal, or a payment kiosk (soon to be located at Level 1 Reception, Varsity Towers).
The allocation of electricity has been calculated using the table below for a studio room*:
Electrical Item
Electrical Usage
Hrs per day
Kitchen light
1 x 14w cfl
Bathroom light
1 x 50w halogen
Bedroom area
2 x 14w cfl
Study desk light
1 x 50w halogen
Bedside light
1 x 40w globe
Balcony light
1 x 14w cfl
Air conditioner
Uses 2.4kWh
Per 1hr
17" Laptop on charge
Smart phone on charge
Electricity not used for cooking or any other item will allow longer use of the Air-conditioner. 

*Similar calculations were conducted on the other room types and the following fair usage allocations have been determined.

From 2016 Residents will be issued 2kWh/day stayed for all room types.
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