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Every room has a phone, an individual phone number and an active phone connection. The phone line and connection is offered on a complementary basis. Internal room-to-room calls and receiving phone calls are free of charge
  • Phone line connection setup: FREE
  • Phone line rental: FREE
  • The cost for each phone call will be charged to the room charge account:
  • Room to room calls within the building is free of charge.
  • Australian 1800 numbers do not incur any costs charged by Varsity Towers.
  • Local phone calls to a standard landline and Australian 1300 numbers are charged at a flat rate of thirty (30) cents per dialed number regardless of the duration of the call.
  • Calls to non-local numbers, interstate, international, mobiles, and any other special numbers are charged at a higher ‘per-click rate’. The cost for these calls vary and depend on things such as the time, duration and number called.
All services, room inclusions and prices displayed on this website are only valid for rooms managed by Varsity Towers (VT Management Pty Ltd). Rooms managed by outside agents may not receive any of these services.
Enquire prior to booking with anyone if the rooms are managed by the onsite managers (VT Management Pty Ltd). All rooms booked through this website are managed by VT Management Pty Ltd.
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