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Internet in Australia
Posted on 10 Jan 2014
Internet usage at Varsity Towers - Our PABX system does not support modems on phone lines. This means that while living at Varsity Towers you will need to connect to our internet supplier (Big Air Community Broadband has various internet plans tailored to student needs), or have a wireless connection to a 3rd party internet supplier. What is a download? A download is data that you transfer from a website or server to your computer. This would include emails, text, images, DVD footage and/or music. Downloads use up your megabytes & contribute to your internet usage. We suggest you research you usage requirements and ensure your internet plan is adequate. Internet usage “Megabytes” what are they? What is a megabyte? (MB) Varsity Towers management suggest you do some research regarding (MB) as we are unable to estimate your required usage. The following website offers some good information and a guide to help you understand this
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