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Cockroaches – your subtropical neighbour
Posted on 18 Oct 2012
So you’ve arrived in Australia, you’ve heard about all our deadly creatures – the box jellyfish, irukandji, saltwater crocodile, brown snake, red back spider, drop bear, great white shark and blue ring octopus just to name a few, but did they warn you about the cockroaches?
Sunny Queensland is a sup-tropical environment which is the perfect living environment for these annoying but completely harmless brown pests.
Varsity Towers is sprayed for cockroaches and other pests before the start of each semester however it is normal to see a few roaches around – particularly in the summer months.
During your stay with us you can minimise the risk of a cockroach encounter by:
• Taking your rubbish out frequently
• Not leaving empty pizza boxes or bottles lying around
• Cleaning up after cooking
• Keeping your balcony door closed – that’s right guys these buggers can fly!
• Ensuring that you unpack after travelling and washing your laundry in case you’ve picked up any eggs along the way
• Letting reception know if you have more than a few cockroaches in one week
If you discover a cockroach in your room please don’t cry, scream or call an emergency session with your therapist. Instead choose from one of our top 5 cockroach killing methods below and dispose of this little pest swiftly!
Our top 5 cockroach killing methods:
• Slap it with your shoe and flush the body down your loo
• Call the cutie from next door over to slap it with their shoe
• Share some of your goon with it – place a small bowl of goon under the sink, they will drink it, fall in and die.
• Spray it with some cockroach spray and bin the body
• Invest in a fly-swat – this will allow you to swat the cockie from a distance
Good Luck!
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