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Real estate sales inspections: Your rights and responsibilities
Posted on 14 Feb 2011
All rooms at Varsity Towers are owned privately by investors and as such may be listed for sale by the owner(s) at any time. The selling agent chosen by the owner must provide the resident of the room for sale with copy of the Form 10 – Notice of lessor’s intention to sell premises. To aid in selling the property, the selling agent will need to conduct inspections of the room with prospective buyers.
In accordance with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 your rights and responsibilities in relation to sales inspections are as follows:
  • The selling agent must provide the resident with a Form 9 – Entry Notice advising of the inspection. This form must allow a minimum of 24hrs notice of the inspection. VT Management encourages all sales agents to deliver entry notices under the door of the room to be inspected, however by law, the selling agent is only required to put the notice into your mail box. If your room has been listed for sale, please ensure you regularly check your mail box at reception.
  • If the selling agent has provided the resident with the correct amount of notice and wants to enter your room at a reasonable time, the resident cannot deny them access.
  • VT Management only allows inspections to be carried out between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday (during our office hours) as the agent will need to collect a key from reception. However if you agree to a time outside these hours with the inspecting agent, they may conduct an inspection outside these hours and you will need to be present to allow them access to the room.
  • The selling is not obligated to ensure that the resident is able to be present for the inspection. However, the resident may contact the selling agent to try and arrange a more suitable time with they wish to be present during the inspection, or if the proposed time is not suitable.
  • When a selling agent enters a resident’s room, they must respect the resident’s privacy as much as possible and not stay in the room any longer than necessary.
If you are ever unsure whether you have been given sufficient notice of an inspection or have any concerns regarding an inspection on your room please do not hesitate to see our reception staff.
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